What is tiramisu



The tiramisu (tiramisu in Italian, Tirami known, “shoot me up,” or more poetically, “take me to heaven”)
is a dessert of Italian origin.

It is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee layered with a whipped mixture
of egg yolks and mascarpone and flavored with liquor and cocoa.

The recipe has been adapted into many varieties of puddings.

Origin of tiramisu.

There are many theories about the origins of tiramisu: five Italian regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany claim to land of origin of this dessert.

Among the legends about the origins of tiramisu, we find one that traces its invention in the late sixteenth century, in Tuscany, during the visit of the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de ‘Medici in Florence. The Duke made his favorite dessert of tiramisu, bringing the recipe to the court of Florence, from where it spread in the Veneto, Treviso and Venice. Treviso is the mascarpone is added to the recipe.

This is the eighteenth century it is becoming known outside of Italy with many authors of Italian cookbooks, which popularized the addition to the recipe for cookies called ladyfingers.

Another legend says that during the Renaissance Venetian tiramisu made to eat with their lovers at night, thinking it would give them more energy during sex. More prosaically, another version said that it was the Venetian prostitutes, working above the cafe, which had bought the night to restore their energy.

One theory even more prosaic explanation is that the dessert was simply a way to take advantage of leftover cake and coffee became cold to not waste them. Just add a little liqueur to make the cake softer and hard cover then all of cream or mascarpone.

Others say that the dessert is a recent invention, made in 1971 in Treviso The Beccherie restaurant, or his rival also Trevisan, El Toul.

According to another tradition, it is the basis of a recipe for recovery composed of egg yolk and alcohol have changed over time.
Emilia-Romagna there is a lighter version, made with cream, ladyfingers and without flaps or with chocolate chips inside. We are called crema or zuppa della Duchessa della Duchessa.

Base recipe of tiramisu.

The tiramisu is developed normally with the following ingredients: eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, wine (traditionally Marsala dry) or liquor (Amaretto), sponge cake, ladyfingers or sponge fingers, cold coffee, cocoa powder. These ingredients are prepared separately and superimposed in independent layers.

Variations of tiramisu.

Strawberry Tiramisu served in individual cups.
The nature of the recipe – thanks to the many ingredients and the superposition of distinct layers – allows for many variations of this dessert, the simplest is to vary the alcohol base of the recipe (or to mix several) or texture (tiramisù more or less dry, more or less cream, etc.)..

There are more complex variants based on the temperature (cold version) or the ingredients: tiramisù fruit, milk (for children), with other types of cookies (shortbread, biscuits), etc..

Enjoy our Tiramisu.