Delivery info

Delivery info

delivery info

What if there’s a problem with my order.
If you have a question or complaint please contact us by email or by phone.
If you prefer phone Mai at 0909320717 for vn and Christophe at 0909365525 for en.
You can also email us.

Order delivery info.

Delivery info: When should I order?
1. Saigon customers should place their orders before 2:00 PM they day before they are expect the delivery.

Delivery info: Can I order by phone?
Yes you can order by phone. The phone number for orders is EN 0909365525 – VN 0909320717. Please be sure and tell us all the information we need to get your order to you at the correct time and place.

Delivery info: Is there a minimum order size?
Yes, we ask all customers to order a minimum of VND 120,000 of product. This amount does not include delivery charges. If this is too much for you please consider combining your order with a friend or neigbour. Please note that we can only deliver an order to one address.

Delivery info: Do I have to be home to receive a delivery?
No, our delivery man can leave your order with a maid. Please make arrangements with your maid to receive the order and make payment.

Delivery info: Do you deliver daily?
We deliver in HCMC every day except Sunday. Monday to Saturday – 10h30 – 21h30

Delivery info: How do I pay for a delivery?
You pay the deliveryman in cash at the time your order is delivered. Try to have enough change available for your order.

Delivery info: Should I tip the deliveryman?
We pay our deliverymen a reasonable wage. You may tip them but please do not feel under any obligation to do so.

Tax delivery info.

Delivery info: What do you charge for a delivery?
The delivery fees are as follows:

We calculate the cost of delivery to the kilometers traveled.

This fee is included on your invoice and paid to the deliveryman.

Delivery info: What do you mean by “delivery”?
We use “delivery” to talk about moving orders around by motorbike inside a city.

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