The tiramisu

Welcome to the website The tiramisu. Here are the best tiramisu in Hochiminh City.
Tiramisu coffee or tiramisu strawberry, etc… There are pastries for all tastes.

Tiramisu information

tiramisu framboise
You can order tiramisu by email or phone
we delivery your order at home or anywhere.

Our establishment is a french bakery in Hochiminh city
Will be cooked and delivery 1 day after receipt your order.

The tiramisu certify freshness and quality
of our products and ingredients.

Tiramisu delivery

We are opened for delivering from 10:30 am to 21:30 pm
from Monday to Saturday. It is closed on Sunday.
You can order food by phone: 08.62740647 – 08.62740648

Thank to visit our website, the tiramisu.